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Founded on January 18, 1999, by Todd Ellington in memory of Charles Leslie Ellington Jr. The Ellington Global Foundation is a global organization that researches schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, ADD/ADHD, and autism. Our primary mission is to better understand these conditions and introduce new holistic, esoteric, and metaphysical approaches to therapy as an alternative to mainstream psychiatric/pharmaceutical therapy regimines that will improve the quality of life of those affected by the conditions.

The foundation also researches and conduct lectures related but not limited to esoteric ideals and concepts, metaphysics, philosophy, spiritual, sacred geometry, humanities, and antiquarian topics with the ultimate goal of spiritual awakening and evolution through knowledge and practice.

Information regarding lectures can be found at http://www.chilea.org.

Membership to the foundation is invitational only. Member invitations to join the foundation are made through personal observations by existing members of someone who demonstrates certain characteristics that have been previously set forth in the foundation bylaws. We do not accept applications or solicitations for membership at this time but because of the nature of our core ideals.

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